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Practical information conventional loan insurance

Choose a custom loan insurance to guarantee your credit and reduce the cost of borrowing.

The loan agreement


This type of credit allows you to finance the purchase of a home by offering you a real advantage: you can benefit from the APL (Personalized Assistance Housing).

Principle of operation of the conventional loan

The loan agreement allows to borrow to finance:

  • a principal residence purchase
  • a rental investment

The loan agreement allows the borrower:

  • the construction of a detached house
  • the acquisition of a new or old property
  • the realization of works
  • the financing of a rental-accession

Obtain an approved loan

Borrowers can obtain a loan agreement with all the banks signatories of the agreement with Crédit Foncier de France.

Conventional loan insurance

Conventional loan insurance

Fill out the request form for conventional insurance to get a quote for the best price for your loan insurance. By launching the online credit insurance simulation, you compare the most attractive offers of the largest insurance companies: Generali, April, Alptis, Swiss Life …

Comparative credit insurance agreement

For your credit agreement as well as for any other type of loan (real estate credit, repurchase credit, professional loan …), we play competition between insurers to offer you the best rate conventional insurance.

A tailored coverage solution for each profile

We are able to offer cheap and customized loan insurance offers to any type of profile:

Young Loan Loan Insurance Senior Loan Loan Insurance Risk Enhanced Health Loan Insurance Occupational Risk Insurance Loan Premium Risk Loan Insurance

Choose your contracted loan insurance


The Lagarde law allows you to delegate your insurance. Take the time to compare offers and exercise your borrowing right by choosing the contract that suits you best, both in terms of tariffs and guarantees.

Your broker Insurance Cheap Loan advises you, advises you and offers the cheapest insurance policies borrower. Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors to optimize your credit and reduce its cost.

To subscribe your credit insurance with Sam Weller, it is to take advantage of:

  • A wide choice of competitive loan insurance offers
  • A comparative insurance with analysis of the guarantees of the contracts
  • An immediate rate proposal
  • Personalized follow-up with a dedicated advisor
  • Your insurance file in less than 24 hours

Do not miss the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of your credit through the choice of your insurance with the help of a specialist in obtaining cheap loan insurance.