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Finding credit to buy from the car at banks, financial and dealerships, plus the automakers is easy, however before completing the business the interested can not simply get and go soon buying in the first loan offer they find, just because the seller was persuasive. So let’s look at some tips to get rid of the sales tactics that buyers submit to the buyer when it comes to buying and financing the chosen car.

If you are determined to buy a new car, even more with the reduction of the IPI, there are financial and banking institutions to offer you the most varied credit solutions possible. The idea is to offer interest rates, conditions and services to make the buyer happy with the new car and satisfied with the car loan with favorable terms.

Fast online title loans

With so much disposition thus it is obvious that more goals and intentions hide in this type of operation:
For the Financial Institution – Sell the interest that will be added in the car creditor vehicle financing.
For the Credit Agent – Do everything for you to help you earn the commission as soon as you close the deal.

The techniques of approach and techniques of marketing are differentiated and very creative, the salesmen are trained to persuade all types of clients, from the most lay to the most informed ones. In Brazil car loans and car, loans are found in practically all banks and financial institutions, it is enough to be financially and unconditionally in the name that the credit comes out in minutes.

Let’s take the tips at, which to be considered when you want to apply for an online title loan.

Search car model and prices

Before finalizing the purchase of the car, you should look carefully to evaluate the model and prices in different resale places, do a broad search where you can find it with more affordable prices, that is, have an idea of ​​prices and financing conditions in at least three resellers and three funders.

Do credit restrictions hinder?

Before leaving the dealership in search of the ideal car, make a search in your Name (CPF) in the credit protection agencies to know if your credit history is ok, case Otherwise, your car loan application may be rejected and you will not experience any embarrassment.

By comparing, you can find very good deals with car dealers, mainly because of the strong competition between the dealerships and also the companies providing credit to buy a car.

Question about the car

After researching through the pros and cons of the car, ask the seller about all the aspects of the car that you think necessary, do not be shy about asking several questions or asking for more technical details, even if you already own this information.

Leave no question of yours without a satisfactory answer, completed this step, by leave and leave with education to go to another car offer. Make no promises or verbal remarks about the transaction, especially if you have made some credit simulation to fund the car, get a written proposal regarding the price and the financing.

Funding choice

If your bank does not have affordable interest rates or is adamant to negotiate fees, the best alternative is to look inside the dealership or resell an offer that offers better conditions for you and not for the seller. We all know that most resellers offer the financier who pays the highest commission to them, so bargain if there is no agreement, go to another seller to negotiate.

Car and credit negotiation

Find the dealership with the best price of the car you want, then it’s time to finance, try to make everything clear, question all included rates, interest rates, taxes, etc. To make sure the business asks for the total value of the CET, also demand that everything you pay is discriminated against in the CET or in the note.

It is common to have charges of the commission that are not discriminated. It is worth remembering that since 2009 the Registration Fee – TAC or similar and Ticketing Fee – TEB / TEC, or any other type of extra charge is prohibited by the BC.

Always be a smart and conscious buyer to get the best credit conditions to buy a car.